The Worst Marketing Channel Out There

What’s the ROI of ads on grocery receipts?

Guys, I’ve done a lot of things. You’ve seen a lot of the crazy stuff I’ve done. However, I have NOT advertised on the back of a grocery receipt.

Are you really willing to take your hard earned money and put it on the back of a receipt. Let me tell you, I would not call a plumber, a painter or an attorney who advertised on the back of a receipt. I wouldn’t even call Oprah if she advertised her number on the back of a receipt.

Hold up. I might call Oprah.

What I’m trying to say is take your energy AND your marketing budget and apply it towards people who love and appreciate you.

What (Who) Should You Invest In?

Your buyers, your sellers, your past colleagues, your vendors and business partners.

When you come to me with this question, I know what you are thinking. You are looking for the quick fix. I totally get it. I did it too, I searched for the easy dollar. It’s so easy to spend money on a billboard or a bus stop bench. You can literally give someone your credit card and your name will be on the side of the freeway. That’s instant gratification but a completely crap ROI.

But what I want you to do is take that energy, that enthusiasm and that hard earned cash and put it where it counts. Because I promise, it does not count on the back of a receipt.

Just consider yourself… Would you use any service that was advertised on the back of receipt? And if so, what would it be? If you answered, “No I would not.” Then you just answered your own question.

Take the money and put it back into your business. Put it back into your clients. Invest in yourself. Because you can feel good and have a crappy business. You can feel GREAT but your business is quickly sinking.

But you know what’s better? Feeling amazing AND having a kickass business.

What’s the craziest marketing technique you’ve used and how’d it go?