Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith eats, sleeps and breathes real estate.

Fiercely competitive, with a laser-sharp focus on excellence, Tyler is not just a hustler; he’s a practitioner and problem-solver.

At 13, Tyler landed his first job, where he was a busboy for a local hash-brown restaurant. From there, he worked at Target and became one of the company’s youngest front-end managers. By 19, Tyler was ready to purchase his first house. It was his horrible experience as a first-time homebuyer that inspired Tyler to become a Realtor. He saw an opportunity to turn a frustrating and discouraging process into a positive one.

Tyler got his real estate license and went to work. He leveraged the best and the brightest minds in the industry, soaking up as much advice as possible. Always striving to be better than average, Tyler took common business practices and “put them on steroids.” To say he leveled up would be an understatement; Tyler went from closing just a few homes in his first year to averaging 300+ transactions as an individual and 900+ transactions as a team in his final year as an active agent. His accomplishments garnered him several recognitions, including REALTOR Magazine’s Top 30 under 30 and one of Wall Street Journal’s Top 250 Teams.

Tyler found huge successes through a referral-based business. He focused on outstanding customer service and consistency, but he found the administrative side of real estate to be cumbersome, inefficient, and outdated. It was this realization that eventually grew into what would become SkySlope, the best and most robust transaction management software in the industry.

Despite retiring from being a Realtor, Tyler’s reputation as a high-performing agent continues to resonate in the real estate community. In addition to founding and running SkySlope, Tyler regularly fields questions from agents about how he created a million-dollar real estate business. Seeing an opportunity to give back to the industry that brought him so much success, Tyler established AskTy.com—an online resource to help agents provide the very best service. With an audience of over 25,000 followers, Tyler provides some of the most valuable real estate content on the web.

As an industry expert and innovator, Tyler is dedicated to taking real estate to the next level.

30 Under 30 Class of 2011
Inman 101 Honoree
Swanepoel Power 200 Nominee—2016 and 2017