Before I was a CEO and founder, and even before I was a top producing Realtor, I was a server at a steakhouse called Cattlemans. Being a server taught me to move fast, the importance of multitasking, and how to keep people happy (and the tips weren’t bad either!).

Cattlemens had a system that every server was trained on. They called it the 12 steps of service and servers were expected to execute each item for every table. The items were pretty easy, like greeting your table within two minutes to showing your table the dessert tray even if they say they aren’t interested. They seemed like no-brainers, but they really worked. I had tons of repeat customers who would specifically ask to be seated in my section (and I chalk that up to my killer customer service).

Cattlemens 12 Steps of Service


Fast forward to getting my license and becoming a Realtor (if you’re curious you can also read why I became a Realtor). My assumption about real estate was this: you find a broker and then buyers and sellers would magically start calling you. Obviously, I was wrong.

Like most rookies, I had no idea what I was doing. I was young and uneducated in the real estate space—no one teaches you about the actual business of real estate when you’re preparing for your real estate exam. I knew nothing about prospecting, building relationships or earning customer trust. My best business failure (and I had a few) was dropping business cards on the ground and hoping someone would pick one up and call me. Spoiler alert: my phone never rang (shocking, I know).

However, the one thing I was well versed in was customer service, thanks in part to Cattlemens 12 Steps of Service checklist.

Cattlemens system ensured that:

  • All customers have an outstanding experience
  • Everyone receives the same level of attention
  • There is an established standard of service

Patrons returned to Cattlemens because of the consistent and outstanding service they received and I wanted the same for my real estate business.


Inspired by Cattlemens, I decided to create my own standardized system of service. I made it a non-negotiable checklist that I implemented for every buyer and every seller. It started off as a short list of just a few items, but as my team grew, and we had more bandwidth, the list expanded to 35 items. I started referring to it as Ty’s 35 and it became a staple of the value I provided to my clients before, during, and after the transaction.


What I didn’t realize is that the process I set in motion was completely unconventional. Most agents do the bare minimum during the transaction. They submit paperwork, maybe get the locks changed and drop off an expensive bottle of wine when the home closes.

I delivered value through the entire transaction and continued to do so well after the deal closed. I never gave a fancy closing gift, I didn’t have to. My service throughout the transaction spoke for my value.

It was my personal goal to complete no less than 90% of the list for every buyer and seller, no matter what. Before long I saw huge returns. I impressed my clients. They couldn’t help but talk about their kickass Realtor. I was changing people’s perception of Realtors.

I built my success on Ty’s 35; a process that yielded referrals because of the unmatched value I provided. By the time I sold my real estate practice, I was getting 30 referrals a month and selling 300 homes a year.


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Wait! Where are the rest!?


I get a lot of messages from skeptics who don’t think I actually had time to execute on Ty’s 35. To them I say, you’re doing it wrong. Read the following posts on how to make Ty’s 35 work for you.
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