Advice On Working With FSBOs

Ahh, the good ole’ FSBO, how I miss thee…

I’m not sure if you can sense the sarcasm in that previous sentence, but it’s there. One of the recent questions I was asked dealt with how to best conduct follow-up with FSBOs (For-Sale-By-Owner) properties. To answer this bluntly, I would recommend spending as little effort as possible on these sellers because they really aren’t worth your time.

FSBO sellers are generally unwilling to pay realtor commissions and don’t see the value in using an agent when trying to sell their home. For a realtor time is a precious commodity, so not much should be spent trying to convince a FSBO to employ you when their stance is that they can do a better job themselves. After contacting a FSBO, I recommend maybe calling once, knocking once, and then RUNNING IN ANOTHER DIRECTION.