How Being an Expert in Your Area Will Help You Better Connect With Your Sphere

There are traditional ways to be an expert in your area. Most Realtors look at the market trends, days on market, and comparables. But many Realtors don’t consider the community aspect. Add to your expertise by not only knowing the basic real estate statistics but also what’s happening wherever you are, whether it’s a subdivision, a town, a city, or a suburb.

If I ran into a Realtor and they were telling me about events that were happening in the community, I would be pretty impressed. Knowing what’s up help builds rapport and it’s a great way to connect.


We so often take for granted the area we are in. We drive through the neighborhood but we never really look around. Last time I went out walking I found this awesome little alleyway with a crazy mural. I had never seen it before and it was awesome. I was telling everyone to check out the mural in the L St alley. People are going to think you are in the know and on the look out. It’s just a great way to build rapport.

Instead of going home early, go explore. Take an hour and go down a street you’ve never been down before. Even better, walk, jog, or bike through areas that you normally drive through. You’ll get a way different perspective and you’re likely going to see something that you’ve never noticed before.


Type in your area in the news app on your phone and you’ll get all the news that is geared towards that area. I don’t know about Android phones because I’m an Apple user, but it’s really simple. All I have to do is swipe to my news feed and it shows me the most recent articles from various publications about my area. You can be in the know when a new restaurant opens up and give others the heads up.

As long as you are taking in the information and passing it on, these tactics will really help you connect with your sphere and build rapport.


Tell me an insider tip about your area! I would love your recommendation!