What is the Best CRM Solution on the Market?

I can’t tell you how often I get asked what CRM I used. And I know why you’re asking. It’s because you are looking for the magic CRM that does it all. You want to upload your contacts, set it, and forget it. You are looking for a CRM to do the work for you. The problem is… that CRM doesn’t exist.

There are so many CRMs with fancy features like bots, drip campaigns, and automation. No matter how automated your CRM, you still have to work at it. There is no “set it and forget it.”

I can give you the craziest CRM out there—one with all the bells and whistles (chatbots, drip campaigns, funnels… you name it). And here’s what you’ll do: You’ll purchase fully-loaded software that promises to work your sphere for you.

You’ll log in, all excited to press “Go!” and….you’ll stare blankly at the screen, paralyzed by the features and tools.

Where the hell is the “Go!” button??

The Learning Curve

There is no “Go” button.  You have to interact with the software every day for it to work. It’s not a Roomba. It won’t clean the house for you while you’re busy with other things. A CRM is meant to keep you in contact with your clients so that they refer you or they use you.

  • Analyze what’s out there (I recommend using the ol’ pros and cons list)
  • Pick the simplest one and embrace it. Simplicity is key.
  • Use the free trial and learn by doing. Use it every single day.
  • Watch tutorials or round up a bunch of Realtors and learn it together (’cause it’s more fun when it’s social).

Don’t Use My Method

I managed my sphere with an Excel spreadsheet. My method wasn’t the best but it worked for me and it was relatively easy (which is probably why it worked).

I don’t advocate using a spreadsheet because there are some great CRM products on the market. However, I can’t endorse any particular software. Different CRMs fit different types of people. What works for one person might not work for another.


What do you look for in a CRM and why? Leave a note in the comments.