Congratulating Your Clients In A BIG Way

For those of you who have been watching my Ty’s 35 videos, you might be noticing a pattern. No, I have not been repeating myself for the sheer enjoyment of saying the same things over again. Rather I have been emphasizing that the action items I used as a successful realtor shared a common theme. Whether I was delivering free pizza, sending balloons and champagne to clients at work, or rolling up to an office complex in an ice cream truck; all these items had the same end goal: to get people to want more of Tyler.

Recently, I wrote a post about how I’m the king of handwritten notes. I cranked out 100 a month in an effort to make my clients and vendors feel warm, fuzzy and appreciated. Normally, I take regular action items and make them better or spice them up in some way; essentially I put them on steroids. Handwritten notes are one of the few exceptions that stand on their own. Generally speaking, they don’t need extra “oomph.” That being said, I couldn’t help myself. Eventually I put my own personal flair on this item as well.

On the day of closing, I would have my field runner, Justin, leave over-sized envelopes on my client’s doorstep. Also, while I say “deliver,” I actually mean that he would doorbell-ditch the house by knocking, leaving the envelope, and then running away. When the clients would open their door, they found a gigantic, mysterious envelope sitting on their porch. Curious and excited, they opened the envelope to find an equally over-sized note inside that congratulated them on their recent real estate transaction.

Knowing that these would sit around for a few days after being opened, anyone who came by to see the new home would notice the big note and ask about it. Essentially, it became a conversation piece about me. When people start talking about you, it eventually leads to more referrals. Making a big note and envelope wasn’t really that hard. I created rapport with a local printing company and they gave me a discount.

I mentioned earlier that I tend to repeat myself when it comes to the concepts I used as an agent. Basically, being a successful agent comes down to getting people wanting more of you because it creates a cascade effect. Your actions turn you into a source of conversation that individuals can’t stop talking about. In turn people want to work with you, and ultimately, you begin to land more referrals. The big note left a BIG impression, so get out there and start doing some door-bell ditching!


I grew my business strictly by referrals. I had a system in place called Ty’s 35, designed to wow every single client I had. I’m going to share my system with you, week by week, so you too can start working by referral. No more door knocking, no more cold calling, no billboards, and no advertising.