How to Create the Perfect Business Card

I’m a minimalist when it comes to business cards. People have asked me what information should be included in the ‘perfect business card,’ but in actuality, there is no such thing. You could have the most intricately-designed, aesthetically-pleasing business card and still not see any activity from it. When I first started out, I gave out my business cards to everybody and yet nothing happened.

With that said, business cards are necessary because clients do ask for them. However, with the way everyone is glued to their phone, that has become the new method of exchanging contact info. Also, instead of investing tons of time into design your business card, use that energy to bolster your reputation. My brand was built by people knowing my level of performance, NOT because I had the holy grail of business cards. So, if you are designing or updating your business card, keep it simple and JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN.