What Happens When You Deliver Cookies to 40 Neighbors

They say the way to your heart is through your stomach so it shouldn’t surprise you that number 17 is yet again, about food. And not just any food… COOKIES! Mmmmm…. coooookiiieeees.

Before we get started on item 17, I just want to make sure that you are actually implementing these. Sure, you can skim through each item and snag the main idea but it really doesn’t do you any good. You have to actually carve out the time and commit to implementation.

So without further ado… let’s get down to it.

You are going to bake and deliver cookies to 40 of the neighbors in your buyer’s new neighborhood.

Pretty simple. Here’s what you do:

  • Buy some cookie dough (or channel Betty Crocker and make them from scratch, you over-achiever).
  • Set aside an evening and get your bake on
  • When the cookies have cooled, wrap them up and put a bow on them
  • Before your clients get they keys to their new home, go on a delivery spree

All you have to do is introduce yourself, explain that you are the Realtor that sold the house down the street. Tell them a little about their new neighbors—they love the area for x, y, and z. They have a dog. They have kids. Whatever! When they move in, feel free to stop in and say hi. They are really excited to be a part of the neighborhood. That’s it.

You have to do the 40 houses for this to be effective.

4 cookies (or more) x 40 houses = 160 cookies

You can definitely crank out 160 cookies in a night.

If you are lucky, like me, and you have an assistant (need an assistant?), your assistant can bake and wrap up the cookies for you. Then all you have to do is make the delivery.

The best part is the takeaways…

  • You might find someone who wants to buy or sell. It doesn’t happen every time but it happens often enough
  • If you farm, this is a way to get in front of people in this particular area or neighborhood. You are the neighborhood expert!
  • Your clients will call you and tell you that tons of people stopped by and introduced themselves and they will feel so welcomed and feel great that they chose such an awesome and welcoming neighborhood.

Everything comes back to showing that you have value. Ty’s 35 exists because I wanted my clients to give me repeat and referral business. I wanted to be able to ask them for business and selfishly, I knew that I provided such awesome service that they would feel guilty if they didn’t refer me.

I know they are just cookies, but these little treats have so much more meaning. In a round about way, they make your clients feels cared for.

If you are representing a buyer right now, make a plan and make time for cookies.

Lastly, if you dread knocking doors (ugh!) don’t worry… instead of just soliciting yourself, this time you have something to talk about and something delicious to deliver.

40 neighbors. 160 cookies. No excuses.

What kind of cookies are you going to make? Feel free to make some extra and send them to my office!

I grew my business strictly by referrals. I had a system in place called Ty’s 35, designed to wow every single client I had. I’m going to share my system with you, week by week, so you too can start working by referral. No more door knocking, no more cold calling, no billboards, and no advertising.