5 Simple Steps On How To Discover Your Value

If we were exactly the same, if we had the same tools, the same marketing plan, if we offered the same properties; how would you set yourself apart from me or from any other Realtor for that matter? Do you know what makes you stand out? Do you know your value?

The Consumer’s Perception Is The Consumer’s Reality

If you and I offer exactly the same thing, I guarantee I would get the client because I can articulate my value. You could be the best Realtor in the world but if you can’t tell the consumer why you are better, you’re sunk. Not only do you need understand your value but you need to be able to articulate that to the consumer.

Discover Your Value:

  1. Get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle from top to bottom. At the top of one column write “Buyer.” At the top of the other column write “Seller.”
  2. List all the items that you do for buyers and all the items that you do for sellers. You should have no less than 20 items for each. The items can be anything from listing the property to timely communication. You can write the same thing on both sides if it applies to both the buyer and the seller. Think about the general things you do and then think about the extra things that you do. List them all!
  3. When you think your list is complete highlight the top 3 things in each column that make you stand out. Choose the items that you do really well and that you are passionate about. You should feel very confident in these three items.
  4. Now, take those items and write why you are good at them. Do you have special training? Do you have a lot of practice? Don’t be shy. This is an opportunity for you to give yourself some props!
  5. Lastly, you need to memorize these values and practice talking about them. They should roll off your tongue. They should always be part of your conversation. You must be comfortable talking about the value you provide. Check back tomorrow for Part II, where we talk more about selling your value.

Ok, now prove it: leave your top value prop in the comments below!

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