The Best Way To Market To Divorced Couples (without being sleazy)

What’s sleazier than calling someone who is in the midst of getting divorced and offering to sell their home?


Do you also use the line, “Come here often?” I mean, come on!

Now, I’m all about capitalizing on a situation. I’m not above door knocking or cold calling. I definitely use tactics for bringing up real estate in casual conversation (like while shopping at the farmer’s market). But taking advantage of an unfortunate situation (divorce, death, etc.) is just “shlackey.”

marketing to a divorce

It’s slimy to have divorcees as part of your marketing plan. You are basically taking advantage of an unfortunate situation. Going through a divorce is challenging and emotionally draining. It’s definitely not the time to call and offer your services.

That said, even divorcees need Realtors so I don’t think you should ignore this demographic. However I recommend you take a very indirect approach. Instead of searching out divorcees, I would build rapport with divorce attorneys. Divorce attorneys will often refer couples to a Realtor when a home needs to sell or someone needs to find a new place to live.

Reach out and network to several divorce attorneys. Make sure to nurture the relationship. Take them to lunch. I definitely recommend you put Ty’s 35 items into place. You want to provide exceptional service so attorney’s trust you and refer you to their clients.

Sure you can chose to be sleazy but I don’t recommend it. It’s important to build authentic relationships and not capitalize on people’s misfortunes.

Raise your hand if you have a divorce attorney in your sphere of influence.