When Should You Go Door Knocking and How to Be Prepared?

Should I go door knocking for leads?

I know it works. I’m not “knocking” it. There are some amazingly successful Realtors who have made their career from door knocking.

Knocking doors is certainly a pillar of marketing, but it should not be one of your top five pillars because, generally speaking, it doesn’t have the best ROI.

Door knocking might be worth it if…

You have to prioritize your marketing efforts. Just going door knocking is not going to be a win. Especially if you are neglecting your past clients who already love and appreciate the level of service you bring to the table.

Use door knocking when you have extra time but make sure you are prepared. What I mean  by prepared is:

Can a blind squirrel find a nut? Sure. Every once in a while. But just like a blind squirrel, it’s going to be hard for you to find nuts (aka buyers and sellers) when you knock on doors.