How To Express Value With This One Simple Tip

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As Realtors, our value is changing due the vast amount of technology that is available to the consumer. Consumers have access to so many resources that, historically, were exclusive to Realtors. Because of this, we are having to reevaluate our role in the real estate market. And yet, Realtors still have a vital role in the buying and selling process.

Knowing that we have value (which we do) is one thing but we can be even more effective if we can expertly express value to our clients.

Before I got into real estate, I was working at a steakhouse. Every night we had a special and it was our policy to sell every table on the special.

Here’s how most servers would describe the special, “Tonight we have a New York strip special. It comes with a side of shrimp and a baked potato. It’s only $26.99.”

Pretty standard. Usually the server knew the script and could rattle it off their tongue, no problem.

Getting Descriptive

But here’s what I would say, “Tonight we have a fantastic special. It’s 14oz charbroiled steak, perfectly cooked to your preference. It comes with a side of shrimp of which we have four options to chose from. My personal favorite is the bacon wrapped shrimp with delicious chipotle lime butter. To complete the meal we add a freshly baked potato. I recommend upgrading that potato to a twice baked. For the twice baked, we scallop the middle out, mix it with three different cheeses, some garlic and then we cook it again. It comes out with a golden crisp on top. This is by far the best deal we have. It’s only $26.99. You get a ton of food and you can even take some home for lunch tomorrow.”

See what I did there? I took that special and I made it special! I wanted to make my tables drool and feel like they were missing out if they didn’t order the special. And that’s why I was the top seller every shift.

When I became a Realtor, I took what I did at the restaurant and I applied it to everything I did in real estate. When I met with a potential client and they were considering what Realtor to go with, I always won their business because not only was I better at knowing my value but I also knew how to express value. At listing appointments, I would beat out other agents because I was able to illustrate my value in detail.

The best part is you can apply this to more than just your words. Express value through your open houses, on your marketing flyers, even in your voicemail.

You want people to be excited to work with you and to feel like they can’t work without you. Practice expressing value in each and every aspect of your business.