Using Facebook To Grow Your Referral Network

When I was a top-producing agent, I used Facebook all the time. Try as you may, you can’t deny it; Facebook provides an easy way to grow your network AND shows your value as a Realtor.

We’ve all seen that iconic shot of new homeowners, grinning ear to ear, looking like they just won the lottery, while holding a “Just Sold” sign. This photo permanently captures your client’s “my agent is the king of getting deals done” bliss. And you should be the one who takes it. If your immediate reaction is, “Great! One more thing I have to remember!” then listen up. This photo 1) shows the world how happy your clients are with you, while 2) introducing you to all their friends, family, and social network.

Here’s the step by step

  1. Take a picture of buyers outside of their new home with your phone.
  2. Add your name, logo and contact information onto the photo
  3. Share the picture on your Facebook Business page and tag your clients.

What does this do?

  • It provides your clients with another reminder of your service while simultaneously exposing you to everyone they know
  • Everyone in their network will see your name, your logo, and again, the amazing service you provide for your clients
  • Your name will be fresh in the minds of anyone who sees the post (especially if they are thinking about real estate)

I’ve mentioned it before, but anytime you create a situation where you are a conversation piece is a good thing. Whether sending clients pizza, or door bell ditching to create a lasting impression, you always want to make an effort to get clients wanting more of you. With this Facebook thing, there isn’t really an easier way to go about it. Clients appreciate the time you spend tagging and including them in your posts because it shows that you are constantly thinking about them. In turn, once you share these postings via Facebook, your clients’ friends will see the post and get a glimpse of what an awesome agent you are.

A Secret Tip!

So, because I like to give back, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: Canva. This is an amazing tool for creating social media images and posts. It’s totally free, and you can add your own images, logo, and text to create professional looking images in minutes. Choose one of their existing templates, or create your own! Here are two examples of what I did:

Like I said above, there isn’t really an easier way to create client appreciation and generate leads at the same time. If you can’t do something as simple as this, you might want to consider doing something else professionally. Prove to me that you can! Go out and start tagging on Facebook!


I grew my business strictly by referrals. I had a system in place called Ty’s 35, designed to wow every single client I had. I’m going to share my system with you, week by week, so you too can start working by referral. No more door knocking, no more cold calling, no billboards, and no advertising.