[FREE DOWNLOAD] How to Hire an Assistant and Level Up Your Business

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • How many hours each week do you spend entering data into the MLS?
  • What about confirming appointments?
  • Doing paperwork?

Was your answer more than zero? If so, WHY? Why are you spending your precious hours doing menial tasks? I realize the obvious answer is because you have to. Paperwork, scheduling and data entry isn’t going to do itself. But there’s a way to rid your day of busy work.

Focus On Your Strengths

You got into this business because you wanted to have a career where you help people live the American dream, not because you wanted to push paper* and organize a calendar.

I always say, “focus on your strengths.” When it comes to being a Realtor, you should be good at networking with people and helping connect buyers and sellers to the perfect home. Focus 100 percent of your efforts on connecting. All that other stuff, the stuff you hate doing, you are never going to love doing it. And life is too short to do things you hate.

Of course, the paperwork and scheduling need to get done but you’re good at connecting with people. And it’s hard to find the time to connect when there is so much busy work to do.

Enter: Your New Assistant

The value of an assistant is substantial. Assistants make enormous contributions to productivity – if they handle the busy work, you can generate more business. Assistants filter reactive tasks (like answering e-mail) so you can focus on being proactive (generating business). The more business you generate, the more money you make!

Truly OWN your business

The most important part of your business is connecting. That’s how you generate business. And it’s hard to do that if the majority of your day is spent doing anything else. A lot of Realtors don’t realize that they are business owners. We have to shift our focus. The very first step in truly owning your business is to get an assistant.

You have plenty of work for an assistant

Before you tell me that you don’t have enough work for an assistant, think about everything you do (it’s probably a pretty long list). Now, think about the one or two things that you love doing the most. With an assistant, you get to focus on those one or two things and your asssistant takes care of everything else!

An assistant can help with:

  • Paperwork
  • Scheduling
  • Client communication
  • Marketing
  • Data entry
  • Errands
  • Your website and social media
  • Prospecting
  • …. literally anything!

Yes, you have to train them. Yes, you have to delegate. Don’t worry. I’ve included all of that.

You CAN afford an assistant

I already know what you’re going to say – “I can’t afford an assistant!” Hiring a full-time employee is a big deal, but you don’t have to dive into employment headfirst. I have options for every level and every budget, from interns to W-2 employees.

Recruiting, hiring and training is easy (when you have a guide)

I hired my first assistant because we got along really well. She laughed at all my jokes and we had a lot of fun together. We were really similar. It didn’t take long before I realized that while she was a great friend, she was a terrible assistant. She was bad at all the same things I was bad at. She wasn’t organized, she wasn’t detail oriented, and she was terrible at time management. And those were the things I really needed help with.

This wasn’t my first or my last mistake in hiring. I based this guide on all the lessons I learned. I don’t want you to hire the hard way. That’s why I’ve done all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is put it into action.

What’s included:

  • How to choose the right type of assistant for your business
  • The job posting I used and where to post it to recruit top talent
  • My time-saving trick for screening applicants
  • The interview questions you need to ask
  • What to pay your assistant and the bonus structures I used
  • First-day orientation to start your assistant on a successful path
  • Training guide – everything your assistant should learn in their first 30 days
  • The Winning Day – daily tasks your assistant needs to complete, so you can focus on CRUSHING it

When you have an assistant working for you, you will be able to get back to doing what you love to do. It’s time to refocus on generating leads and making money!

*If the paperwork side of things excites you more than helping people buy and sell, then you might want to consider being a transaction coordinator. If Realtors are the athletes, TC’s are the trainers. They are responsible for making Realtors look their best. If you find that you love the behind the scenes work, then I highly recommend exploring transaction coordination.