Would You Rather Be the Mint on the Pillow or the Hotel?

A lot of you saw my junk in the trunk video and asked me where I shopped and how I wrapped them. And I want to tell you that it’s less about quality and more about delivering consistently. Your gifts and items of service are the mint on the pillow. You are the hotel.

A lot of you think you can’t give your clients gifts from the dollar store or Cook’s champaign. I’m here to tell you, honestly, your client does. not. care. Plus, you’ll go broke trying to deliver Dom Pérignon to all your clients.

These items that you provide, the Ty’s 35, they are the mints.

No one goes to the Four Seasons for the mint on the pillow. Just like no one is using you because you give them a $300 bottle of champaign. And if they are, that’s a terrible reason to use a Realtor.

The Four Seasons is awesome. Their turn down service is wonderful but that’s not why people choose them.

You’re the Whole Package

Stop focusing so much on the little details, your handwriting, your bow tying skills, your wrapping. Remember the age old saying: It’s the thought that counts? There is no better time to remember that saying than right now.

Clients use you because you are great. You are going to get them a great house, you’re a great negotiator, you’re going to provide a high level of service, you’re going to communicate, you’re going to be available. Those are all the things that make up your hotel.