The Only Thing You Need to Know About Inconsistent Leads

I absolutely advocate for all agents to work by referral. Working by referral is the best way to do business. I’ve tried every method of business and believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that working by referral is the absolute best. Call me a broken record but I stand by referrals.

When I had inconsistent leads it’s because I was inconsistent. When business sucked, all I had to do was look in the mirror and be honest with myself. I wasn’t executing, I wasn’t following through and I wasn’t delivering top-notch customer service.

Stop doing stupid sh*t!

You have to get systems in place. Get some help. Stop doing the menial crap. You’re doing paperwork when you should be prospecting. My business turned around the minute I hired an assistant. I was able to stop doing the menial tasks that got in the way of generating business.

The moment you are not prospecting, you should be thinking bankruptcy. I know that sounds extreme but that’s how I stayed motivated. My philosophy was if I wasn’t prospecting, I was killing myself. I knew that focusing my efforts on prospecting was going to bring me business.

Spend time prospecting

So for me, leads were referrals because I spent so much time prospecting early on. I made small talk with the checker at the market and with the barista at the coffee shop. I treated my clients so well that they couldn’t help but tell everyone they knew about me. So when a “lead” came in, it was actually a referral by definition—I was connecting with people who already knew who I was.

I know that hustling and prospecting works because I consistently got 30 referrals a month. The business I sold is STILL getting 30 referrals a month because of the work I put into creating the best experience for every person I came in contact with.

Inconsistent leads means you don’t have systems and processes in place. You don’t have any accountability and quite frankly, you’re thinking small when you should be thinking BIG!