Live and Unedited With Lab Coat Agents

In August I had the opportunity to sit down with Lab Coat Agents and do a Facebook Live interview. They asked really great questions about how I got started in real estate and how my success led to the creation of my company, SkySlope – the number one transaction management system for Realtors.

At the end of the interview, there are some nuggets of information about how Realtors can grow their business (have you heard about my course?) and pivot with the changing market.

The Best Takeaway?

3 Systems that Agents Can Put Into Practice Right Now

  1. Get a dedicated accountability partner. Build a reciprocal relationship with someone who will keep you on the hook ?. Don’t let your partner down and make sure they are pushing you to show up and deliver.
  2. Meet with one successful Realtor each week. Make this a routine for 3 months; each week invite one person to coffee or lunch ☕️??. This is your opportunity to pick their brain and find inspiration from someone who is doing it better than you. Surround yourself with the people you want to become.
  3. Write down the non-negotiable items that will help you grow your business. Post it on your bathroom mirror. Post it where you are going to see it. Be consistent. Don’t slip. At the very minimum, you have to spend two hours a day prospecting. Sign up for the 30 Day Challenge; it’s fire! Every day, for 30 days, you’ll get an email with a new prospecting challenge.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Or cherry pick the parts you want to watch!
1:25 How did you get into Real Estate?
3:20 What were you doing before you got into Real Estate?
4:40 What was it about Buffini that changed your mindset?
7:05 How did you come up with your unique marketing strategy?
11:50 How did you build relationships with vendors and use them to help you build your business?
15:00 How did you build your business up and what steps did you take to eventually sell it?
19:40 Talk about how and why you started SkySlope.
22:09 What features does SkySlope have that makes it different than other platforms?
23:45 What mistakes do tenured agents make when it comes to online technology?
26:55 Video is becoming a huge part of real estate. How can agents break into making videos?
31:40 Talk about the courses you offer and where they are available.
38:00 What are some of the challenges that you see successful agents have?
42:05 What are three systems agents can put in place right now?
46:25 How do you see the real estate market shifting?