3 Ways to Leverage Hyper-Targeted Facebook Ads

The Facebook ads platform provides some of the most cost-effective and precise demographic and behavioral targeting out of any marketing platform, traditional or digital.

Despite all the attention, agents are still not leveraging Facebook’s fantastic ad platform. This means that Facebook is an easy opportunity to get a leg up on your local competition (you know, the folks who are still buying billboards and direct mailers).

Three ad strategies you should be trying:

  • Target potential clients who are likely to move. Facebook has a behavioral category for people that are “Likely to move.” Crazy, right?
  • Boost the success rate of traditional mailing efforts. Extend reach and impressions by creating ads that reach the same people but for a fraction of what a postcard costs!
  • Grow a larger referral network through vendors. Create more awareness about your services by running ads directly toward people who are in a specific industry.

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PS: Facebook is always updating their ad platform, so make to check their site for updated information.

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