Can I Show My Client A Home Above Their Max Price?

Showing clients a home that might be out of their price range can be a bit tricky, so the big question is: when is it appropriate and when is it not? We’ve already discussed the fact that most real estate agents suck and neglect to do the proper research for their clients to see which homes are priced a bit high, but still are within reach. It’s important to look for properties that have been on the market for a long time, or homes that have motivated sellers willing to come down in price; those are the ones you want to show to your to your client.

When you do find a home that is suitable for your client but it remains outside of their budget, be ready to negotiate on their behalf. Regardless of whether you’re working with friends and family, or even a complete stranger, you have to be willing to create a compelling competitive market analysis (CMA) that proves to the seller that their home should be sold at your client’s asking price.

Don’t be the lazy agent that doesn’t put in any effort. The market is full of those. Be the agent that gets the deal done and delivers a house your client thought they never could afford. THAT is what will set you apart.