How to Not Be a Sh*tty Realtor, the Answer is Shocking!

I had this amazing realization while jamming with my team last week…

Sh*tty agents can (and do) WIN ALL THE TIME.

WHY??? Watch to find out… it’s long but there are so many takeaways! Jen and Christine are both millennial home buyers. What they had to say about their home-buying experiences BLEW MY MIND.

Two Homebuyers Stories

Christine and Jen are millennial homebuyers. They both purchased houses around the same time but they had VERY different experiences and very different outlooks.

  1. Christine’s realtor stops by occasionally. She used to deliver calendars. Now she donates money to a local charity on behalf of her client. Christine likes that BETTER than a calendar! Christine knows the name of her Realtor and would refer the heck out of her Realtor.
  2. Jen’s Realtor didn’t communicate with her, she found the house that she ended up purchasing and thus, she felt like she did all the work. The reason she felt this way is because her Realtor didn’t set any expectations with her. He did not communicate. Jen would not refer her Realtor.

This Is Where Things Get REALLY Crazy!

Jen confirmed that she would have felt less frustrated about her Realtor’s involvement (or lack thereof) if he had clarified that she might stumble across a house that she loves.

Despite her displeasure, Jen admitted that she would refer him IF he stopped by her house from time to time and checked in with her after the deal closed!

And why would she refer him? Because if he was routinely checking-in, then she would feel like she was cheating on him.

The Takeaway

Don’t be afraid to see your people. All you have to do is stop by and say hi. Leave them a note in their mailbox, “Just thinking of you!” Sometimes deals go sideways and it’s not your fault (leaky roofs, falling fences, etc.). Some clients are going to think that because of these circumstances, you weren’t a great Realtor.

But you can still win them over if you just show that you care. And that’s as simple as popping by to say hello.

My challenge to you is to go visit the clients that you have neglected. Do it. Today!