Why You Should be Celebrating the New Year in October

You should be planning for the new year no later than October 1.

Why do Realtors wait until January to set their new year’s goals? It’s TOO late! By the time February rolls around you haven’t sold anything because you’ve spent all of January “prepping.” It drives me crazy!

Think about all the opportunities you have to get belly to belly with your clients during quarter 4. There are so many holidays that you can use to get belly to belly with your vendors and clients. All the ways you reach your sphere of influence from October to December will set you up for success come January 1.

Need some inspiration?

If you haven’t done the 30 Day Challenge, now’s the time. If you have completed the challenge, do it again! Also, make sure you are executing on Ty’s 35.

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Go out there and MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.