How To Get The Most From Your Open Houses

How do I gain more buyers from open houses?

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With anything you do but especially with open houses (that often fall on the weekends), you’re spending time away from your family, friends, and your life. It’s important to take advantage of that time. If you aren’t going 100%, then why bother? Think about it: You spend 4-8 hours holding an open house on a Saturday but you don’t hustle, you only put out one sign, you don’t door knock and you’re annoyed that you have to work on a Saturday. You might as well have not bothered holding an open house at all. Your half-ass style is not going to translate to any potential leads if anyone even shows up.

Be prepared

The number one thing you can do to ensure that you are making the most of your time is to be prepared. Cross all your Ts and dot all your Is. If you aren’t maximizing your time, you’re wasting it. The more prepared you are and the more you have your sh!t together, the more likely people are going to see you as a reputable Realtor.

Canvas the ‘hood

Don’t just put out one sign, put out four signs! Put signs all over. Anyone passing by within a 4 block radius should know that there’s an open house in the neighborhood. Make your signs obvious. I would put no less than five balloons on each sign, (expert advice: tie them close to the sign; they’re less likely to pop). Are you walking the neighborhood and inviting the neighbors over? I would knock and flyer no less than 40 homes. Invite the neighbors to check out the property. Entice them with cookies and refreshments (expert advice, round two: put cookies in the over 20 minutes before the open house starts; no one can resist the smell of freshly baked cookies).

The objective is to get a referral or better yet a buyer. You never know who might be in the market to buy or sell. Even if they aren’t in the market, they may know someone who is and your awesome open house and quality customer service will earn you a referral.

Make a great impression

Why do an open house and spend all that time just to get zero leads? Don’t cut corners. I know it’s Saturday and you stayed up late on Friday, binge watching House of Cards. I know you would much rather be wine tasting with friends than spending your Saturday hustling. This is what we do to grow our business. If you put in all the effort, you will definitely see a return on your investment. And in the off chance that you don’t get a referral from your phenomenal open house, hopefully, you left a lasting impression on everyone who stopped by.

No excuses. No shortcuts. I don’t care if it’s raining and you think no one will show up. You show up!

Ok, I’ll stop with the “you should be doing this” and “you should be doing that” and I’ll give you something tangible that will actually help you execute. If you haven’t done the 30 Day Challenge (what are you waiting for?!), I highly recommend it. It has tons of ideas for generating more business. Or if you’re really ready to take it to the next level, you need to get my Open House Kit. It dives into the details of stepping up your open house game, from everything you need to pack to using Facebook to attract even more people through the door.

What am I missing? What things have you done to increase leads from open houses? Leave your ideas in the comments!