How To Double Your Business with Pizza

Imagine this: You’re at a Superbowl party and the doorbell rings. The host opens the door and there’s a delivery guy with piping hot pizzas in hand. When the host sets the boxes on the counter, you see my smiling, goofy mug. Now you’re wondering, “Why the heck is that guy on the box?” And when the host says, “That’s actually my Realtor!” the conversation is now about me and the amazing service I provided the new homeowners.

Well that sounds clever, but sending pizzas all over town has to be expensive, right? Wrong.

Build Your Vendor Network

I doubled my average sales price in three years because I was able to network with other professionals. One of my favorite vendors was Giovanni’s Pizzeria. One day I went to the owner, Mr. Giovanni, and said, “Hey, I’m building my business and I want to give your pizza to all my clients. I want my clients to love your pizza as much as I do and tell all their friends about it. So tell me a little about yourself.”

I got to know him and I got to know his business. And after we got to know each other I said, “How do we get you more business? Let’s look at your model.”

Strike A Deal

I love to look at business models, profit and loss financials, etc., and help people grow when I can. Mr. Giovanni told me about his business model and I said, “What if, for every closing, I purchase a pizza from you?” He replied, “Why would you do that?” I said, “Because I want people to know how great your pizzas are… but I have some stipulations.”

  1. For every pizza I order, you throw in a free pizza
  2. I want coupons for my clients. I want them to feel like they are getting a VIP exclusive discount
  3. Every time someone orders a pizza with one of my coupons, I want you to put a special sticker on it. This was the sticker you see in the video so who ever orders the pizza absolutely knew it came from me.

Mr G. agreed. So upon every closing, I bought a pizza, Mr. G gave me a pizza, and the customer got coupons which encourage them to buy more pizza. It was a win-win – for me and Mr. G!

Make Your Own!

I gave back to Mr. G’s and now I want to give back to you. Download your own pizza box template below, send them to the printers, and start earning referrals!

Two things before you get started:

  1. It has to be a local place. Don’t think that Domino’s is gonna go for this. Sorry.
  2. You have to love the pizza. This should go without saying but why would you wanna be associated with bad pizza?!

Let me know how it goes! Send me a pic of your customized template–I want to see! Tweet your box to @tycloud.

Pizza Box Templates

Stack of pizza boxes


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