How To Help Your Buyers Prioritize Their Wants and Needs

You have a buyer who has some non-negotiable wants and needs and it’s limiting your search. How do you get them to “think outside the box?”

I’m gonna give you a little dose of real talk here. It’s not your client’s job to think outside the box. It’s your job to find them their dream home.

The very first thing you should be doing with every buyer is giving them the Buyer Questionnaire. This is going to get you started on the right foot. You’ll know when they are looking to buy, what neighborhood they are interested, how many bed/baths, and what they can’t live without.

When you have your client fill out the Buyer Questionnaire, you should also have a conversation with them about what their dream home looks like—custom kitchen, low maintenance backyard, solar roof, infinity pool, three-car garage (with a Tesla).

Find their dream home so you can also show them the price tag. This is when you want to explain that if they are not willing to budge on some of their wants and needs, then they are going to have to increase their budget.

Then show them homes that have various aspects of their dream home that are also in their price range. This is going to help them get a better understanding of how much the whole package costs and what is the best bang for their buck.

It’s our goal, as the Realtor, to show them the properties that best suit their needs and their budgets. The reality might be that your client’s dream home doesn’t exist in their price range. You have to bring them to reality by showing them the reality. Figure out what are the “must haves” and what are the “nice to haves” and work from there. You really have to help your clients prioritize.

You also have to tell your clients the truth. I say this all the time… you can’t control the market. In this situation, however, you can do is help your clients prioritize what is really important to them by showing them properties that are within their budget. If they want something more, then they are going to have to find more money.