Are You Thinking Outside the Box for Referrals?

Moving is a pain. We all know that. Your clients know that, especially. How can you help make this less of an excruciating process? Here’s what I did for my clients: I provided them with moving boxes. This is so simple and so easy, and it will make a big impact on getting you more referrals.

When I first started out as an agent, I would pick up used boxes from grocery stores, etc., and provide my clients with these used boxes for their upcoming move. They loved this! But as my business grew, I had less and less time to go out and scout for boxes.

So what did I do? I went down to my local box store and, you guessed it,­ built a relationship with this store owner. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ­- building vendor relationships is a key part of building your business.

Now I bought boxes for my clients in bulk, providing business to my local box store owner. And in turn, he sent people looking to move my way. As we both grew our business, this was mutually beneficial.

Providing my clients with used moving boxes was great. Buying in bulk was even better. But what makes this a Ty’s 35 item? I took these moving boxes and put them on steroids (of course I did). Actually, I put my face on them. Think about it. Your clients’ friends and family are helping them move, or the local moving company, and the boxes they’re lifting up and down had my goofy mug and logo on them. What a conversation piece!

We all know the best time to get a referral is during or immediately after the closing process. So having my face on these boxes ensured I was always around during this time.

I also provided my clients with packing labels to help keep things organized. You know those little stickers that say “kitchen” or “living room?” I made sure my clients had those. This was a low­ cost and easy thing to do, but it really went a long way with my clients.

The cost of buying boxes in bulk and creating moving labels was a part of my business marketing plan. When you start doing this for your clients, you will see fantastic results. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning agent, average agent, or a top producing agent. It’s so simple. Start with the basics: get some boxes and build from there by adding your logo (and then your face!).

Meet with your local box store owner, build that relationship, and start providing your clients with boxes tomorrow. You have absolutely no reason to not do this. I’ve even created some packing labels templates for you for FREE. Download them below, trick them out with your own logo, print them out on these labels, and start seeing referrals come your way!

Click here to get FREE MOVING LABELS!

Take a picture of your tricked out boxes and share them with me on Facebook or Tweet me a photo. I want to see all of your smiling faces making it happen! #NOEXCUSES


I grew my business strictly by referrals. I had a system in place called Ty’s 35, designed to wow every single client I had. I’m going to share my system with you, week by week, so you too can start working by referral. No more door knocking, no more cold calling, no billboards, and no advertising.