How To Use Scripts And Not Sound Like A Robot

Door knocking seems so easy… until the door opens and you are faced with having to talk to the homeowner. Nothing is worse than stammering out a sentence, forgetting what to say, and why you even knocked the door in the first place. Want to know what’s equally terrible? The door opens and you go right into an automated, robotic monolog.

You definitely want to be prepared, which is why scripts are fantastic resources but you also want to sound relaxed, confident and be conversational. Here are a few tips to help you go from reciting scripts to having meaningful exchanges.

Personalize your scripts

You want it to sound like you. The more it sounds like you, the more natural it will feel. Scripts give you a great idea of what to say but you don’t have to memorize it word for word. Make it your own while including all of the points.

Get feedback

You want to know what you sound like. I used to practice my scripts on my voicemail. Now you can use voice notes. You have to listen to what you sound like. Do you talk too fast? Do you say “um” or “like” a lot. Do you sound like you are reading a script? Once you feel good with how you sound, enlist a colleague to practice in front of and get additional feedback.


For every hour of excellence, you need 10 hours of practice. I would learn the script, commit it to memory and then practice. You can practice in the shower, the car, while making dinner. Practice with your friends, colleagues, and broker.

Tag someone who you are going to practice a script with. Hold each other accountable! Make it happen!

Want me to share some of my scripts with you? Do me a favor and leave me a comment!