What Is The Secret To Success In Real Estate Business?

You’re watching my videos and you’re not seeing results?

I’m not the problem. You’re the problem.

I know it’s a tough pill to swallow and you think I’m being harsh but the problem is you’re consuming content and not acting on it. You don’t get business by watching videos. You get business by doing the work.

I wish there was a cure-all, six-second success secret that I could give you. But there isn’t a quick-fix. Success doesn’t work like that.

Here’s the secret (spoiler alert, it takes longer than six seconds):

If you want consistent business, you have have to be consistent — consistently hustling not consistently cutting corners.

You can’t just do things one time, to one client, and expect the leads to roll in. You have to do many things, over and over, to every single client. If you consistently slack then you will consistently suck.

I found this out the hard way which is why I created the Ty’s 35. Originally, it was simple checklist that reminded me to do a few things for each of my clients. My assistant and I would sign off each item once it was completed. We did this consistently. We held each other accountable. As we saw results, we added to it. We created a system so we made sure that delivered consistent value.

Sure, the ROI wasn’t instant but I got a ton of positive feedback. But I used that that as my motivation to continue to deliver. Real estate is a marathon game. You don’t get a six-pack after doing one workout.

It’s crazy that I consistently give you great content, you implement it occasionally and then have the audacity to tell me it doesn’t work.

Stop making excuses! Put your head down and make it happen.