The Two Best Tactics You Need To Sell A Property

Whenever an agent puts a home on the market, they always ask, “What is the best way to advertise the home I just listed?

Even though it may seem simple, the very best tactic for selling a home relies on two elements: price and condition. Every listing should be priced appropriately for the market. Likewise, people should see the property in the best possible light, whether that’s through photos online, videos, or physical showings. Don’t skimp on staging a home!

There are a ton of different ways you can advertise a home – Facebook, magazines, flyers, etc. However, if the price is too high or the condition is too low, that home is not going to sell. And if you do get an offer, it will probably be a low-ball offer. I promise, no one will be happy with a crappy offer.

Make sure you cover your awesome marketing during your listing presentation. Clients will appreciate and may even expect creative advertising or marketing strategies to sell their home. But you have to make sure they understand that price and condition are paramount. Trust me, you want to sell the home in a timely manner; don’t let a home get stale!

Also, don’t be afraid to turn down clients that won’t meet your expectations on price or condition. If the client insists on pricing their home outside of what it’s realistically worth, graciously walk away and spend your time on something more worthwhile. Generate tons of leads so you don’t have tolerate crappy clients who think that their home will sell for more than it’s worth.