How To Set Expectations With Your Sellers

I’m the listing agent and my clients are upset that I have not shown the home myself, even though the house has been shown by other Realtors. What should I say to the homeowners?

The better question is: How do you thrill your sellers with kick-ass service?

It sounds like your clients are unclear as to what a listing agent does. It’s your job, at the very beginning, to set clear expectations of what you provide as a listing agent.

So what are the expectations that you provide as a listing agent?

You need to ensure your sellers that you have the biggest and best network out there. While you may bring buyers in, it’s more important that you have an established network of agents who will jump at the chance to work with you. You need to let your sellers know that you have a great reputation with Realtors .

You also need to explain that you have top notch marketing. It’s your job to do everything you can to make homes look fantastic–from hiring amazing photographers, to staging, to connecting with various marketing channels. You make sure everyone knows about the home you are listing.

Of course, in order for this to be true you actually have to execute. You have to be consistent and continually provide the best service, all the way around, when you list properties. Don’t drop the ball. Be ethical. Over-communicate.

Tell your clients that you connect with buyer’s agents who have ready and willing to buy clients. You need to make the expectations clear, from the get go, that you market, list and network as much as you can to get the house sold.