How to Show Experience When You’re A New Agent

So you’re new to the business but you have a great sphere. Potential clients are coming to you for real estate advice but they’re going with someone else when it comes to the deal. How do you show you’re the best person for the job despite your experience?

It sounds so obvious but my advice to you is to be authentic.

New agents (and young) agents, I totally get you. I was once in your shoes. I looked like a 12-year-old trying to hock real estate. It was hilarious. No one wanted to use a Realtor who looked like they were 12, let alone 20.

Authenticity is Attractive

When you meet with buyers and sellers, be upfront with them. Let them know, right off the bat, that you are new to the business but they are not going to find another person who is hungrier, who has the time (because they’re your only client!), you’re going to return their phone calls, you have tons of energy, and you’re enthusiastic.

Don’t be afraid to lean on your brokerage. Let your potential client know that you are with a phenomenal firm, and have access to an awesome broker and a knowledgeable mentor who have a ton of experience. If an issue arises, you can always consult one of them. Your client may doubt your experience but they aren’t going to get a Realtor who is more attentive and committed than you are.

Sample Script

I know I’m new to the business but I want you to know that you are not going to find another Realtor who is hungrier and who has more time than me. I return phone calls, I’m thorough, and I’m enthusiasic.

Additionally, I’m with one of the best firms in the area and I have access to both my broker and my mentor, who collectively have over 25 years of experience. If I run into any issues, they are only a phone call away. So although you may think that I’m inexperienced, you will not get someone who is more committed than I am.

Practice What You Preach

I practiced my “I know I’m new but” pitch over and over until I had it dialed in. I meant every word of what I said—it was 100 percent authentic.

But here’s the caveat. You have to actually do the work: know your market and be familiar with the ins and outs of real estate in general. When you become an expert in the area and in real estate, you can more confidently talk with your clients. Make it your goal to know more than top producers.

If you put yourself out there and you are upfront with your client, and they don’t use you, that’s ok because you did everything you could. You can’t get mad if you’ve done the best you can with what you have.

What’s not ok is not putting everything on the line, not giving it your all, and not being completely honest.

Don’t go in there without doing your homework. Don’t try to tell people that you are an expert when you are not… because that’s not authentic. That’s just lying to try to get the client and that will get you nowhere.

Show up and bring your passion and enthusiasm.