What to Do If Your a Newly Solo Agent

If you outsold your team leader, that means your prospecting and producing results! Welcome to being a successful solo agent!

Evaluate Your Strengths

This is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge your strengths. Take a moment to really consider what you are good at and what you love to do. Do you love helping buyers find the perfect home? Are you patient and resourceful? If you are skilled marketing and have a great network, then you probably have a knack for listing properties.

Maybe you have a knack for listing properties because you’ve got savvy marketing skills and are well connected.

Consider Starting a Team

But, if you find that you are really good at prospecting and getting referrals then I highly recommend you start your own team. Converting leads into actual buyers and sellers is one of the hardest things to do but it is also one of the most rewarding! If you’ve mastered lead generation, you have the leverage to grow and build a team.

When you have a team, not only do you get to capitalize on your own strengths but you get to hire people who excel at theirs. You are successful if you have a skilled team.

Take this time to revisit your goals and consider your skill set. Where do you want to go within the real estate industry? What do you love doing? What challenges you? Whatever it is, do that!

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