How To Run A Real Estate Team Meeting

How often did you have team meetings? Are they important?

It becoming more common for Realtors to work remotely. Regardless of your proximity, I think it’s important to have a daily meeting or check-in.

The three things that each person on your team needs to address is:

  1. What you worked on yesterday
  2. What you’re working on today
  3. Any roadblocks that you might have

It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. It confirms and reminds each team members and yourself as to what you have to do. If you find that the only thing your listing agent did was enter properties into the MLS, then you know you have some coaching to do. They should be spending time on prospecting.

I would have a stand up meeting at the office every single day. There’s so much good energy that comes from everyone quickly sharing those 3 items. Additionally, it helps you hold your team accountable. You want people to know that you are paying attention and as a team lead, you need to know if you team members are struggling or succeeding.

Don’t do this weekly, take 5 minutes and do it every single morning.

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