How To Effectively Avoid Time Thieves

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s all about how you manage it. If you manage your time wisely you can make a lot more money, you can sell a lot more homes and you can represent a lot more clients.

In life, we encounter a lot of people who I refer to as Time Thieves. They are the people who interrupt or disrupt your time but talking about menial, insignificant shit. They want to tell you every detail of the funniest YouTube video they just watched or about the terrible date they went on. It doesn’t relate to real estate, it doesn’t relate to hustling and they are stealing your time!

There are a few things to do when people are trying to take your time.

  • Put a Do Not Disturb sign on you door. You want to work, that’s why you’re in the office! You’re trying to sell real estate and make money. A sign makes it very clear — Don’t bug me!
  • Have you tried derailing people? You know the people who pop their head in your office or catch you walking down the hall? When they start in on some trivial conversation, just say, “Hey, what are you doing on Thursday? You wanna go to lunch and talk about this?” 99% of the time they’ll say, “Oh, no. It’s cool! I’m sorry!”

It’s so important that you focus on what matters most. It goes back to your “why” — What are your business goals? What are your personal goals? Don’t let time thieves derail you from executing!

And because I love you and want you to succeed, I made you your very own Power Hour in Progress sign. Slap it on your door (or on your back) and #MAKEITHAPPEN!

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