Show Your Value And Wrap Up The Deal

Welcome back, everybody! We took a bit of a hiatus from the Ty’s 35 (we were super busy creating awesome content for my 30 Day Challenge). But now we’re back in the proverbial saddle. I believe our last Ty’s 35 action item dealt with using Facebook to grow your referral network. In this installment, I’m going to be talking about wrapping up the deal. Literally.

Most of you are familiar with the commercials that show cars draped in giant bows and given as presents. Although the concept seems a little ridiculous, it did give me a great idea when I became a realtor. Why not wrap up the homes that I sold?

On the day a property closed, I would place a giant bow around the front door to greet the owners as they arrived at their new home. Along with the bow, I would include a personal note that read something along the lines of:

Dear John and Sara,

Congratulations on your new home! It was such a pleasure to be your Realtor and I look forward to working together in the future.

All the best,

Your Awesome Agent, Tyler

The bow created a WOW factor for my clients as well as a sense of excitement and appreciation. And because we live in the age of social media, my clients would often take a photo of their door and share it on Facebook or twitter. If you haven’t done so already, I strongly advise to get connected with your clients on these social media platforms. When clients share moments that involve you, you benefit. Comment on their photos and posts because that will only put more eyes on you.

Lastly, to go back to my frequently-repeated steroid analogy, I had a realtor colleague that used my bow concept and beefed it up. They wrapped the doors of buyers and sellers. If you represent a seller who is moving out, don’t let that stop you from leaving a bow and a note on the door for the buyers that you may not know. If anything, it will leave a strong impression and HELP BUILD YOUR REFERRALS.


I grew my business strictly by referrals. I had a system in place called Ty’s 35, designed to wow every single client I had. I’m going to share my system with you, week by week, so you too can start working by referral. No more door knocking, no more cold calling, no billboards, and no advertising.